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January is Hats & Sunglasses 25% Off for Members, 10% off Non Members

Hats From Rigon Headwear & Cancer Council. Babies, toddlers and adults come I and see our range today

Glasses from Ozko & Cancer Council. Toddlers boy & Girl, Adults and Fit Overs available come in and see the range today.

UFS Chemist
49-51 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier 5290

Phone 08 8723 0277    Fax 08 8724 9902

Special Offers - Come In Store for More!

Hats and Glasses

Hats From Rigon Headwear & Cancer Council. Babies, toddlers and adults come I and see our range today Glasses…

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Face Masks

All customers must wear a face mask – Masks Mandatory in the Chemist at all times, If you are…

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Vaccines available

We offer the Covid Moderna vaccine and Astra Zeneca vaccine to any eligible customer free of charge. Moderna is…

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Popular Services

Weight Management

UFS Weight Management

Obesity is a chronic health condition affecting many Australians and increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnoea and osteoarthritis. There are many…

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Influenza Vaccination

UFS influenza vaccination

Influenza (or “flu” as it is commonly called) is a highly contagious viral disease. The best protection we currently have is an annual influenza vaccination…

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Blood Pressure Screening

UFS blood pressure screening

Heart disease is still the number one cause of death for Australians and high blood pressure is a major contributor. High blood pressure often has…

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